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Transformation is in the heart of our Engineering Team

dig-x works with your Business Application Owners and Operations and Engineering Teams to identify enhancements and transformations that can be made to improve and optimize Digital Change through Continuous Delivery.

Using software code to automate oversight of large software systems is a more scalable and sustainable strategy than manual intervention; especially as those systems extend to or migrate to Cloud Platforms like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Site Reliability Engineering
SysOps and SRE

dig-x Engineers have extensive experience in automating and modinizing organisations' development and IT operations tasks to accelerate software delivery while  minimizing IT risk.

dig-x will help your organisation implement and realise capabilities of Continuous Deployment Technologies and Platforms through the embracing and implementation of approaches, patterns and principles that include:

  • Code Management

  • Configuration as Code

  • Infrastructure as Code

  • Continuous Integration


Employer System Administrators to do more quicker

dig-x helps your organisation transform and automate IT operations tasks such as production system management, change management, incident response, and emergency response; that would usually be performed manually by systems administrators (sysadmins). 

Reduce or remove much of the friction between Operations and development teams who need continuous release of new and updated software into production, and operations teams who don't want to release any type of update or new software without being absolutely sure it won't cause outages or other operations problems.

SRE is not a pre-requisite of DevOps but aligns closely with the principles DevOps and plays an important role in the success of DevOps.


dig-x helps your development teams and operations teams work together in speeding delivery of higher quality software by combining and automating the work of software development and IT operations teams.

  • Planning

  • Development

  • Integration

  • Deployment

  • Operations

  • Learning

dig-x helps organisations introduce, and keep current, these three important workflows:

  • Continuous Testing

  • Security

  • Compliance

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