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We are an approved supplier under the UK Government G-Cloud 13 procurement framework. We have been awarded a RM1557.13 contract in the name of the limited company Robpin Limited, to provide Cloud Support Services under Lot 3.

Banking & Financial Services

Contracts with customers in the financial sector specifically, Pension, Insurance, Banking, and Investment.


As a team we have significant experience of delivering complex projects/ programmes in the public sector across government departments including HMRC, Ministry of Justice and Insolvency Service. 

Case Study - Life & Pensions Services

Our valued partner, a business that manages and administrates circa £80bn in life and pensions policies for their 3-4 million active customers, was running business critical systems on technology and infrastructure that was circa 20 years old. Although still functional, they had prioritised the maintenance and functional changes of the system over upgrading key infrastructure and tools.

Technical debt


This created a reputational risk, technical debt, and at the core of their business, creating medium to long term risk for their customers.


Production Instability

The applications and infrastructure were experiencing production stability issues, which meant it could not be run in the cloud or scaled cost effectively.



Cost to maintain the infrastructure was increasing due to legacy and outdated software, and Infrastructure that was no longer vendor supported.

  • 150 environments from development through to production and Disaster Recovery for Business Continuity were successful transformed.

  • Full implementation was completed outside of business hours so near zero downtime for business-critical applications.

  • Public facing portals were only down for 12 hours whilst transition occurred. This capability was later improved to a maximum of 4hrs for full reprovision.

  • Full Data obfuscation process was delivered along with the product transformation lowering risks in data breaches and improving GDPR compliance.

  • Test and Development environments now fully automated improve change delivery timelines and production stability.

  • Fully supported platform until 2027, with full cloud transformation capability.

  • Supported the reduction of our clients’ Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) score.

  • Business benefits and ROI against the approved business case now being realised.

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