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IT Consulting
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We are a team of digital experts with over 50 years of combined experience in Digital Modernisation, Data Migration, Business Process Engineering, Automation, Strategy, and Systems Integration. Our team has led large-scale projects in both the Public and Private sectors, making us proficient in tackling complex challenges.

Our Services


We deliver the IT services our customers need to help modernise operations and drive innovation across their entire IT estate. Every day, we earn our customers’ trust by delivering expert knowledge and drive to ensure their technical changes are a success.

dig-x collaborates with your teams to enhance and streamline Digital Change initiatives. We help optimize your digital operations for greater efficiency, agility, and innovation.

Customer Outcomes

150 environments from development through to production and Disaster Recovery successful replatformed.
Customer Outcomes

Ready to find out more?

Our in-house consultancy offers solutions for medium to large-scale organisations, solving challenging technological and legacy issues with business applications and customer-facing platforms.


We comprehend the significance of technical SMEs in any firm. dig-x excels at extracting critical information and collaborating with stakeholders to establish practical objectives. Our team has demonstrated its capability to deliver in a demanding and high-pressure environment.

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